Chaplaincy Program

School chaplains make a valuable contribution to the social and emotional  well-being of school communities across Western Australia. This might include support and guidance about ethics, values, relationships and social and emotional issues, and helping students engage with the broader community. They are part of the school’s pastoral care team.


The School Chaplaincy Program is voluntary and is supported by the Kinross School Board, Kinross P&C and wider community. YouthCARE is the organisation that our school works with to implement the Chaplaincy Program. Di Sanders is our School Chaplain and works here every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday 9am-3pm. Through a triage process, Di engages with students and parents across the school. She is also available for drop-ins at recess and lunchtime. Parents are invited to contact the school leadership team or Di if they have any issues or concerns they would like to discuss, or if they require support in any way. Di also runs small group or class programs for students on a needs basis.



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