Music has the capacity to engage, entertain, challenge, inspire and empower students. Studying music stimulates imaginative and innovative responses, critical thinking and aesthetic understanding, and encourages students to reach their creative and expressive potential.

Music exists distinctively in every culture and is a basic expression of human experience. Students' active participation in music, individually and collaboratively, draws on their own traditions and life experiences. These experiences help them to appreciate and meaningfully engage with music practices and traditions of other times, places, cultures and contexts.

At Kinross PS, we offer Music as a specialist subject. Mrs Emma Brierley is our experienced and talented music specialist who teachers the Music Curriculum and runs programs including the Kinross PS Choir and Drum Beat group. Our choir participates in many events throughout the year including One Big Voice, Carols at Ocean Keys, ANZAC Day, Kinross PS Christmas Carols, special assemblies and other special functions. The Kinross PS choir wears a school choir uniform when they perform at special events. We are very proud of our large school choir! 

The school also offers the School of Instrumental Music Program where selected students are provided with an opportunity to learn a brass instrument.