At Kinross PS, we offer Music as a specialist subject. Mrs Emma Brierley is our experienced and talented music specialist who teachers the Music Curriculum, from Pre-Primary to Year 6, and runs extra-curricular programs such as Choir and DRUMBEAT. We are very proud of our Kinross Primary Choir, which is one of the largest primary choirs in WA with numbers reaching almost 90 each year. Our choir performs in many events throughout the year including One Big Voice at the RAC Arena, Connolly Carols at Connolly Community Centre, Carols at Ocean Keys Shopping Centre, our school ANZAC ceremony, the annual Kinross PS Christmas Carol Night, special assemblies and other special functions. We recently were invited to perform for the opening of the APPA National Conference. The Kinross PS choir wears a school choir uniform when they perform.


The school also offers the School of Instrumental Music Program where selected Year 5 and 6 students are provided with an opportunity to learn a brass instrument or the guitar.


As part of the General Music Curriculum, our students all get the opportunity to learn to play a variety of instruments. These are conducted as whole-class lessons where every student has their own instrument. The instruments offered include Ukulele, Recorder and Electronic Keyboard. When the students reach Year 6 they also get to participate in a Brazilian Samba band!






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