Extra Curricula

At Kinross PS we provide many opportunities for our students to be involved in extra-curricula activities. Many clubs and activities exist for students to belong to for their interest and enjoyment. These include:


1.   “Loose Parts Sheds” in both the junior and senior areas which involves free play with an extensive amount of donated materials.
2.       A “Make-a-Space” club in the library, supervised by a teacher, which allows for creative play involving STEM materials.
3.       Peer mediators run Wacky Wednesday for junior students. Students participate in activities with various sporting equipment with music in the background.
4.       Resource Rescuers are chosen from each class to attend weekly meetings and promote environmentally friendly initiatives around the school.
5.  Jogging Club is held every Tuesday morning before school. This is run by Ms Nat Kaminski, PE Teacher. All welcome.
6.  School Choir is run by Mrs Emma Brierley and rehearsals happen on Friday at lunchtime. Our choir performs at several events throughout the year.
7.  JUMP JAM is a fusion of dance & fitness disciplines along with cultural interpretations that capture the look, attitude, posture and elements of Aerobics and Fitness. At Kinross PS we have a Jump Jam Club. Jump Jam is held each Monday in the undercover area commencing at 8am. All students are welcome.
8.  A small group of students participate in the Instrumental Music Program.
9. Kinross PS participates in WAGSM each year. Mrs Nat Kaminski runs dance rehearsals for students on Thursday afternoons after school. Students in Years 4-6 are able to participate.
10. Cross Country and Fitness Training is held on Fridays before school commencing at 8am.


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