Extra Curricula

At Kinross PS we provide many opportunities for our students to be involved in extra-curricula activities. Many clubs and activities exist for students to belong to for their interest and enjoyment. These include:


1.   “Loose Parts Sheds” in both the junior and senior areas which involves free play with an extensive amount of donated materials.
2.       A “Make-a-Space” club in the library, supervised by a teacher, which allows for creative play involving STEM materials.
3.       A drawing club run by students at lunch time which is supervised by an associate principal. This involves instruction and peer teaching on methods of cartoon drawing.
4.       Peer mediators run a different sport competition once a week for the junior students. This has involved things like Frisbee competitions, duck-duck goose and hopscotch. The aim is a positive liaison between senior and junior students.
5.       There are various clinics that Senior Year 6 students run at lunch to teach junior students sports skills such as football, dodge, cricket and netball.
6.       The student forum meetings occur at least once a term and involve a representative from each class in the school to contribute feedback from the student body about concerns and criticisms.
7.      Treasure Hunters Club creatively explores Christian values and beliefs through games, activities, Bible stories, drama and music. It is offered in state primary schools at lunch time by teams of trained volunteers. 
8.       Resource Rescuers are chosen from each class to attend weekly meetings and promote environmentally friendly initiatives around the school.
9.   Drama Club which is conducted twice a week involves students brainstorming, planning and performing different acts in context with current school events.
10.   Culture Club happens every Friday at lunchtime in the health room. It involves creative arts and crafts and is open to all years.
11.  Jogging Club is held every Tuesday morning before school. This is run by Ms Nat Kaminski, PE Teacher. All welcome.
12.  School Choir is run by Mrs Emma Brierley and rehearsals happen before school each Thursday morning. Our choir performs at several events throughout the year.
13.  JUMP JAM is a fusion of dance & fitness disciplines along with cultural interpretations that capture the look, attitude, posture and elements of Aerobics and Fitness. At Kinross PS we have a Jump Jam Club. They will be participating in a Jump Jam Competition for the first time this year.
14.  A small group of students participate in the Instrumental Music Program.
15. Breakfast Club is held every Friday morning before school at 7.50am-8.25am.


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