Student Leadership

At Kinross PS, we believe it is important to provide a range of opportunities to develop leadership skills in our students.  As a  result, we provide several leadership opportunities for our students.   At the end of Term 4, students complete an expression of interest for leadership opportunities.  They are then required to prepare and present a speech to the senior students and teachers about why they beleive they would be suitable for a leadership opportunity.  From these presentations, the staff then select a Head Boy and Head Girl, while the senior students vote for 12 student councillors, six for Semester One and six for Semester Two. 

Head Boy and Head Girl

At Kinross PS two year 6 students are elected each year to be Head Boy and Head Girl for the school year. The Head Boy and Head Girl are elected by staff after nominating themselves. They are selected based on their demonstrated ability to display the Kinross PS values, show exemplary behaviour, possess leadership qualities and a strong work ethic.


The Head Boy and Head Girl carry out important duties throughout the year and are often called upon to host special assemblies including the ANZAC Assembly. They meet with the School Principal twice each term to discuss issues and ideas brought up at the Kinross PS Student Forum. There are also 6 Student Councillors elected by their peers each semester to carry out duties including attending meetings, speaking at assemblies, raising the flag, locking gates and bike racks and many other jobs.


Student Councillors
A total of 12 student councillors are elected by the senior students to represent the students and the school for one year.  Six students are selected as councillors for Semester One, and the other six students will perform their councillor duties in Semester Two. Student councillor duties include locking the gates and bike racks; mainting the flag; making announcements and representing our school at a range of events. 

Peer Mediators
At Kinross PS, we run a Peer Mediator program where senior students are selected and trained to help keep the students safe,  happy and entertained durig recess and lunch times.  Peer Mediators are trained to help students apply conflict-resolution strategies when they are in conflict at recess and lunch times.  Using this approach, allows our stdents to develop inter-personal skills and helps to reinforce our school CARE values, whilst also supporting our Zones of Regulation Program. 

Faction Captains and Vice Captains
At the start of each year, senior students self-nominate and present to their faction teams reasons why they believe they would be an efective Faction Captain.  Students form each faction then vote and select two students to become a Captain and Vice-Captain for their team. 

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