Parents & Citizens Association

The importance of parents as partners

"Successful relationships become partnerships when there is two-way communication, and when parents and practitioners really listen to each other and value each other’s views and support in achieving the best outcomes for each child."
(Effective practice: Parents as Partners. The Early Years Foundation Stage, 2007)


Parents create a learning environment which starts before birth and continues for many formative years. It’s important to remember that more than 70% of children’s lives are spent both with their family and the wider community, which means that the opportunities for learning within these environments are both significant and enduring.

Together, parents and practitioners are pivotal in shaping and directing children's learning, development and well-being.

Parental engagement is effective in showing children that education is important, building their confidence and fostering connections between home and school environments, all of which contribute to improving student’s educational outcomes and well-being.

We know that successful parental engagement has a distinctly positive effect on improving social and educational outcomes. Therefore, being a member of the Kinross P&C is a terrific way to engage with the school and support your child's education. We love to see new parents attend meetings or join the P&C Committee as positions arise.

How does someone become a financial member of a P&C Association?

A person can choose to become a P&C member at any time prior to the start of a P&C meeting. Financial membership is a requirement of the School Education Regulations 2000 and someone is a member of the P&C once they pay the subscription, which is to be no more than $1 per member. Membership of a P&C is required to be renewed at every AGM of the Association. A request for the payment of a P&C voluntary contribution does not include P&C membership. A P&C member is required to pay an individual subscription fee and to register their details to complete their membership.

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