At Kinross PS we believe that students learn Mathematics effectively when:

  • Students are provided with explicit instruction as part of a whole-school pedagogy
  • Teachers have evidence on which to base their professional judgements and to ensure that students are provided with quality, differentiated teaching and learning.
  • Mathematics is taught both explicitly and through rich cross-curricula integration. For example, via purposeful and authentic STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) learning opportunities.
  • Digital Technologies are integrated to facilitate ideas and provide access to tools that allow students to continue mathematical exploration. 
  • Students are provided with a hands-on, engaging and student centred approach to learning Mathematics.


Please see our full KPS Mathematics Policy for further information.



Celebrating Mathematics at KPS


At KPS, we recognise that an interest in Mathematics can play a vital role in developing student engagement and confidence towards their learning. We enthusiastically seize opportunities to promote engagement, curiosity and exploration in order to foster an enjoyment of Mathematical learning. In addition to our commitment to hands-on and interactive learning within classrooms, we also plan annual Mathematics Celebrations such as Maths Day or Maths Week, in which students participate in incursions, competitions, games and whole-school maths events.




Mathletics is the online learning platform used by students from Pre-Primary to Year 6 at KPS. Mathletics allows students to access curriculum aligned learning tasks, interactive fluency practice and online games to suit all learning abilities. Students have opportunities to earn online learning points and achievement levels, which are supported via a whole school reward system. Students are provided with login details that can be used to access the program at home, in addition to the classroom environment.


Maths Help Guide

We appreciate that the way we solve mathematical problems now may differ from the methods some parents may have learned at school.  As a result, we have created a guide to help explain the mathematical methods we use and teach our students today.  The booklet may be downloaded and printed to allow you to support your children at home with Maths,

Maths Help Guide






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